MOMpreneur Monday: The Lucky Elephant

I recently have become slightly obsessed with the MOMpreneur for today. If you haven't stumbled across The Lucky Elephant, you really should take some time to admire her work.

Jutta is a spectacular woman, who creates absolutely stunning pieces all with a very lucky theme. I just ordered my first of likely many Lucky Elephant pieces the other day, and couldn't be happier with my selection.

Here's her story...

I was born in Germany and currently live in Chicago with my husband and three children. I have always loved anything & everything creative as well as (good luck) elephants - my sweet spot...

The launch of the lucky elephant was one of those things that, in hindsight, feels like it was meant to be. I had just started making jewelry again, was playing around with wrap bracelets and accidentally stumbled upon a cute elephant button one day. I bought the little silver friend, brought him home with me and "the lucky elephant" was born the very next day...

For a few years, I have been involved with Urban Initiatives (, a Chicago based nonprofit organization that runs a health and education soccer program in public schools in Chicago’s most underserved neighborhoods. Very early on I decided that I wanted to continue to support their tremendous work with my business too. 10% of all my proceeds go to Urban Initiatives.

A few links of my favorites:

1. my absolute No.1 favorite is the Mega-Wrap!
2. an amazing piece when going out - (sparkles like a Christmas tree...)
3. Great spring color
4. If I were to get married again, definitely wearing this one

My advice for fellow mompreneurs? Try to find balance. Define your work hours and "leave the office" (your desk, your studio, ...) when your work hours are over. Don't let family life and business get all mixed up. I think that's one of the greatest challenges when working from home: being able to step back, to "forget" about the work that might be piled up on your desk, and making sure that family time is really just family time...

You can admire more of Jutta's work in her Etsy shop, follow her on Twitter, read her blog (she hosts frequent contests to win your very own Lucky Elephant!) and catch up with her on Facebook.

Oh and to any guys, fiances, husbands, dads, grandfathers...anyone with a special woman if their life; put these works of art at the top of your gift-giving list. Make a mental note; jot it on a piece of paper; put it in your blackberry as a bookmark. You can thank me later when she's all smiles!