How-To Tuesday: Monster Easter Basket's that time of year when Easter is upon us! Last week, I went scouting for an Easter basket for me son.

I found alot of purple, green, yellow and pink...a few blue, but even the blue ones were sort of girly. So, I decided to make it a little DIY project!

Brown (or white, depending on your preference) basket with handles
Ribbon of your choice
3" Circle punch
White cardstock
Acid Free Ink in a colour that coordinates with the ribbon
Letter stamp with your child's initial
Goodies to put in the basket

Step 1:

Punch circle out of cardstock, and stamp child's initial on circle

Step 2:

Weave ribbon through the top edge of the basket, wrapping twice around the bases of the handle

Step 3:

Tie ends together. Punch hole through 3" circle and tie onto centre of basket ribbon.

Step 4:

Tie basket ribbon into a bow

Step 5:

Fill with Monster sized goodies! For us, A super cute monster, bubble wand for the summer, corn puffs, and a great little wagon with letter blocks in it (a $5 steal at Wal-Mart!) We also found a huge (3') stuffed elephant, and he went wild over it in the it made its way home with us as well!

Happy Easter!