Emmy Given Wednesday: The Artisan Group

I said on Monday that there were some great big changes coming up at Sweet Stella's, and that Wednesday was going to change to be allllll about the Emmy's. Well, today's Wednesday and you're in for a treat!

Last week, I was on twitter just looking around, and found a post by my pal Kristal from Atutudes was tweeting about The Artisan Group and how she was going to be giving things away at the Emmy's.

I wasn't too sure what to think, but shot caution to the wind and contacted The Artisan Group.

This is when my life as a MOMpreneur changed...overnight.

I started messaging back and forth, then emailing back and forth with a wonderful woman named Valerie. She took a look at my Etsy shop, and fell in love with these

Customized Board Books

We got to emailing further, and I sent her photos of a new product that I've been working on, NoteStacks

I'd be lying if I didn't take a moment to say that I was absolutely shocked when she said that she loved them and thought that they'd be the perfect addition to The Artisan Group's SwagBags at the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards in the Gifting Suite. I'd be lying if I didn't note that I had to take a step back and think Who...me? My stuff? Ya, right!

But...it's true!

So here I sit...a very thankful and very humble artisan, who is going to have my lovely NoteStacks featured at the Emmy's. THE Emmy's....as in the McDreamy-Don Draper-Dexter-Addison and Sam-BarneyStinson-Cam and Mitchell EMMY's!

For the next few months, I will be featuring some of the other artisans from our group, giving shout outs, and showing you the production of these custom NoteStacks, the packaging, new business cards...the whole kit and caboodle!

Until then...who are you most excited to see walking down the red carpet? What would YOU wear to the Emmy's? Stop by my facebook wall and post a picture to enter in my Emmy Given Wednesday photo contest...and a chance to win a $45 credit to Sweet Stella's!