Whimsical Wednesday: Tuesday Apologies

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I've been a little frantic lately...orders are coming in from every angle and I'm working like mad hand stamping banners, creating amazing embellishments, folding favour pouches and writing board books. It's all amazing, but it leaves little time for blogging!

So, I apologize for the lack of You-Tubing the how-to's lately. I have some Baby Food ones stacked up and ready to load, but I've promised you baking and rainy day activities. Baking is the last thing on my mind right now...well, until next week.

Next week I am going to be making a 3 tier (yes...THREE) round lovely beautiful cake for the Delta Gamma Zeta Omicron 20th anniversary formal in Waterloo, ON. I'm SO excited about it! This week and weekend will be dedicated to sculpting our beloved Hannah, Greek letters, pearl necklace and anchor.

Next week...baking up a storm, rolling and texturizing fondant and probably being far too stressed out for my own good...but SO excited to share my talent with all of my sisters!

Annnnd....there's only 1 hour left in the Sweet Stella's facebook fanpage giveaway! Look through the papers album, and comment ont he giveaway status with your favourite paper!