Whimsical Wednesday: Banners, Banners, Banners!

Woohoo! Already at midweek and it's been an absolutely whirlwind!

First and foremost, for you Mama's of adorable little girls (or those that know adorable little girls) don't forget to enter in the Lilybugs GIVEAWAY.

I've been incredibly busy this past weekend, working on a ridiculously whimsical and adorable custom order for Jenni from Jenni from the Blog for her daughter's 1st birthday party. I've been sending her little peeks here and there via twitter (maybe you've seen the cuteness over there too!). If you're fortunate enough to be on Martha Stewart Dreamers into Doers, you've seen the full breadth of the project except for the final details of the lovely little teacups.

In amongst creating Jenni's order, I was working on a banner for Jill...the winner of a giveaway that I donated a prize for over on Jenni's blog!

The results, I'm absolutely in love with and am so pleased to share with you.

Featuring the Carter collection embellishment

In fact, I'm over the moon to announce a new product to Sweet Stella's! Happy Birthday Banners, which feature Velcro backed interchangeable embellishments, are now on Etsy! Listed at $41.99, you get a handstamped (in acid free ink, on acid free cardstock) banner, strung on coordinating ribbon, and complete with one set of Velcro backed interchangeable embellishments!

Matthew collection embellishments

Nathan collection embellishments

Embellishment packs are sold in sets of 6, for only $7.99!

Do you know what this means!? Are you excited!?

One banner, with a set of embellishments included, and then all you need for future events are new embellishments!

And what's even sweeter is that the embellishments can be custom made! Right from the Yellow Submarine and periscope to simple shapes and diecuts.

Make your next birthday party sweeter with Sweet Stella's!