Thankful Thursday: MomNation

Good morning everyone!

I'm a little bit more on the ball this week...sort of. I definitely woke up thinking that it was Friday and got very excited for the weekend. Then, I realized that it is actually Thursday, and didn't want to miss my chance to participate in Thankful Thursday!

Today, I am thankful for

I was flitting around on Twitter last night while making the final parts of Jenni's order, and stumbled across Mom Nation, and Jen Banks.

Mom Nation is a growing movement of real women, sharing real stories about what is it really like to be a mom and woman. Truly, and inspiring network of women!

After looking through the website, I realized that there was a party going on over on Twitter. So, back to Twitter I went and I participated. Not only were the questions really awesome and made me sit down and think about my life as a mom, but I also won a prize!!

Then, as the answers were rolling in, it was announced that Mom Nation was trending on Twitter! It was amazing to be involved in a trending topic, and to connect with other moms, read their answers to the questions and have a little bit of quiet time to reflect.

Link up with Mom Nation and join the trend! You can also find Mom Nation on facebook!