How-To Tuesday and Whimsical Wednesday: Chocolate Skor Cake

My apologies for a two-in-one post, highly unlike me! However, I've come down with a head cold, likely due to burning the candle at all ends!

Thankfully, today's post is absolutely DELISH!

Chocolate Skor Cake

Use your favourite chocolate cake recipe (boxed or scratch) for this. It will taste amazing no matter what recipe you use as long as it's your favourite!

Once cake is completely cooled (I like to cool the cake, then wrap in plastic wrap and further cool overnight in the fridge), place one cake on your chosen cake plate.

Fill will chocolate buttercream.

Option #1: top buttercream with crushed Skor bars

Place second cake layer on top, frosting then entire cake with chocolate buttercream.

Option #2: top outer edge of cake with crushed Skor bars

Wipe the edges of your cake plate clean, and serve with a smile!

I did say this was delish, right??

Some fun facts about chocolate:

- chocolate contains antioxidants that help prevent cancer and heart disease

- The Swiss eat the most chocolate every year...nearly 19lbs per person!

- the first chocolate bar was produced in 1842 by makers of the ever delicious Mini Eggs and Creme Eggs!