MOMpreneur Monday:Yolanda Nussdorfer

Happy (Canadian) Family Day everyone! I'm just whipping on quick to blog about a super creative MOMpreneur and then it's time with my fam! My son mastered the words "ma ma" this weekend, and my heart is overjoyed! He's also pulling himself to stand (8mo) and trying to crawl. Time to baby proof!
Anyhow...without further's your MOMpreneur for the week; Yolanda Nussdorfer!

What do you do?

I am a mixed media artist, from custom photo frames, custom shoes to canvas art.

Why do you love it?

I love being able to use all of my "stuff" all of the time. I bounce from polymer clay, to embellished chipboard, to paint and I love the diversity. Most of all, I love talking to a client and having them explain what they want in their art piece and then having them say they LOVE it when they see it. that makes it all worth it!

What advice do you have for other MOMpreneurs?

My advice to other MOMpreneurs would be to expose yourself and your artwork. Network within your community, online and everywhere else you can. Trade services with people. And give excellent customer service....always.

Thank you so much for your encouraging words, Yolanda!
Here's your Marvelous MOMpreneur button!

You can check out Yolanda's work on her site, and contact her directly at