MOMpreneur Monday

Welcome back!

We've been on vacation for the past week, and we're actually still there but I'm going to whip on every evening to do some posts for you all and next week will really be back into the swing of things.

Even though it's vacation, Stella has been a busy gal creating new products, going paper shopping and checking out local inspiration in the strangest of spots. Shoe stores running rampant with fabulous textures, pools with beautiful hues of crystal blue, skies with interesting contrasts of purples and oranges.

For MOMpreneur Monday this week, I thought I would post a preview of a few MOM's that we'll be featuring!

Shannon Torossi of Twirlie Whirlies

Rosita di Trolio of FreeSpirit Photography

Jenni of Jenni from the Blog

Jenna Beaty of Living Rainwater Tanks

If you'd like to be featured with the above fabulous company, consider these questions:

a) What do you do?
b) Why do you love it?
c) What advice would you give to other MOMpreneur's?

Stay tuned for the answers to the above questions by the above fabulous MOMpreneur's!