How-to Tuesday: Fabulously Stained Frames

Ready for your how-to lesson of the week?
This week, we're getting crafty with a stained and fabulous picture frame!

Fabulously Stained Frames

Items needed:
- paintable wooden picture frame
- paintable wooden embellishments, such as wooden letters
- UHU Epoxy
- acrylic paint in the colours of your choice

Paint the wooden embellishments first as they will take longer to dry than the frame
colours used: Vanilla, Cobalt Blue

Thin acrylic paint to a watercolour consistency
colour used: Burnt Umber

Paint frame, and quickly rub with a paper towel to remove any excess paint, paying particular attention to the inside rim and outside edge of the frame

Once dry, decide on placement of embellishments and letters

In a well ventilated room, mix equal parts of resin and hardener, taking care to breathe in as few fumes as possible and to not get any on your skin

Put a thin layer of epoxy on your embellishments, one at a time. Epoxy will harden quickly and you will not be able to move your embellishments once they are on your frame

Attach embellishments to your frame and allow to dry overnight

Et, voila! A Fabulously Stained Frame!