How-to Tuesday: Baby Chicken Puree

Today for How-to Tuesday we have another baby food recipe and a few tips!!
Baby Chicken Puree

Boil chicken for approximately 12 minutes. Cut into the chicken to ensure that it is cooked all the way through. If not cooked, return to the boiling water.

Cut chicken into chunks

Puree in a blender, using some of the cooking water to thin to the desire consistency

Spoon into ice cube trays and freeze. Transfer into a ziploc bag once frozen all the way through

Seems simple enough, right?

Well, it's incredibly simple to make...but not so simple to feed to your baby for the first time. Owen definitely did not like chicken last night, even mixed with squash (which he loves). I read in Cooking For Baby today to mix it with sweet potatoes and carrots, so we did just that for dinner this evening, and he took to it very well!

Since meat is a new texture, I would recommend serving in smaller portions and mixed with favourite veggies until your baby is used to the change.

Nutirtional Information

(per 200g - Protein 54.06mg)

Vitamin A - 126mg
Vitamin B1 - .15mg
Vitamin B2 - .46mg
Niacin - 12.63mg
Folate - 16mcg
Potassium - 484mg
Phosphorus - 366mg
Calcium - 24mg
Sodium - 182mg
Iron - 2.62mg