Whimsical Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone! While my Monster is still snoozing, I thought I'd whip on for Wednesday's post.

Whimsical Wednesday.

Much thought went into the alliteration for today. Wholesome... Wellness... Whatever... Wonderful...ideas were plenty, but at the end of the day, I want to use Wednesday as a day to reflect on what inspires me, new products that I'm falling in love with, and hopefully inspire some creativity in all of you readers.

For our first post, I have a confession to make.

I have a paper obsession.

It's a healthy obsession, in my opinion, because just in looking at a coordinated paper pack from a fabulous scrapbooking company such as Close To My Heart, I can see the endless possibilities in products for Sweet Stella's. In truth, paper makes my imagination run a wee bit wild.

Paper is so versatile, so whimsical and absolutely lovely! I never thought that walking the aisles at Michael's and stumbling upon a 4 for $2 scrapbook paper sale would get me excited, but it certainly does!

In all honesty, paper is one of my absolute favourite products to go searching for. Thankfully, our fair city has two Michael's locations so I can buy them out at both when I find a great deal and beautiful paper for our store. If you give me an idea of the theme for your event, colours, or a pattern...I can find a paper to match it and coordinate all of your party decor! (*hint* to an upcoming new product to be unveiled next month!)

We're off on vacation come Christmas Day, and I cannot wait to get to some of the craft stores at our destination! Vacation paper!!