Sink Your Hands into the Earth

Spring is finally here and there is so much healing to be had when we get outside and dig our hands into the earth.


Whether you are planting pots of succulents for your patio, sewing seeds of wildflowers to attract bees and butterflies, or even new trees to create homes for wildlife - sink your hands into the earth!

And give the little ones a job! Ask them for help when you head out to the garden centre and let them pick a few plants that can become their responsibility. Things that are easy to care for, such as

  • sunflowers

  • lettuce

  • beans

  • tomatoes

  • pumpkins

  • watermelon

Andi f your green thumb isn’t the brightest shade of green (mine sure isn’t!!), try things like spearmint and day lillies. They spread like crazy, give loads of colour to your garden, and you can even use the mint leaves in different recipes and in fresh juices!

The point is, get out there and get growing. There is something really gratifying about ripping up the grass to make way for new flowers, plants, shrubs and trees. There is also something really amazing about watching the process of planting, watering, and growth happening.

Sink your hands into the earth and don’t be afraid to get dirty!

Dive into a Good Book

Have you read a good book lately?


Whether it’s an autobiography (I highly recommend This Will Only Hurt A Little by Busy Philipps- she’s amazing!), a new parenting book on a topic that you need guidance on, or maybe a saucy romance novel to allow you a bit of escape…dig in and read.

Did you know that by reading you can increase your brain power, vocabulary, memory, and improve your analytical skills?

It’s a big part of why our team is constantly engaging in new materials and learning opportunities. There is always something new being uncovered, a new way of doing things that may help one of our clients, so we are constantly engaged in reading, writing, watching and learning.

If you have a great book recommendation for us, let us know!! We are all eyes, and ears!

Go Outside and Explore

When was the last time that you set out to explore the outdoors? Do you do it mindfully?


Creating a mindful experience of exploring the outdoors is actually quite simple, and it’s really amazing to engage your little ones in this mindful practice as well. It’s all about appealing to your sense.

What can you hear?

What can you smell?

What do you see?

What can you feel?

Encourage your little ones to try this activity once with their eyes open, and then again with their eyes closed.

How does their perception change? Are they, and you, able to tune in more acutely and listen for the wind in the trees? Feel the warmth of the sun? Smell the freshly cut grass?

Getting outside and exploring is all about taking in the details. Make it your mindful motherhood moment this month!

Not Your Mamas Book Club: Boundaries


Our topic of boundaries stemmed from conversations from our first “Not Your Mama’s Book Club” We all recognized it was something we all needed to work on.

I started my search immediately with podcasts, I had a pretty good idea of the type of audio information I was looking for.
Although, I was very surprised after stumbling across Magnanimous Warriors “Boundaries” podcast. It was certainly easy to follow and understand, but the view and perspective she had around Boundaries was quite intriguing and completely unexpected. After sharing it with Shannon, we knew it would definitely be one that sparked good, in-depth conversations amongst our group of Moms.

This month, instead of having the Moms check out the material prior to our meeting, we played the less than 15minute podcast while we were all together.
Immediately, the first response was “that was not at all what I had been expecting.”
Which really made us giggle, knowing we too, had felt the same way.

Magnanimous Warrior spoke to Boundaries from (I think), a very refreshing and positive point of view. She viewed it as change in our attitudes or “tones” as she put it. She spoke a bit about The Laws of Attraction and how many of the issues we may have with people and our relationships, may actually stem from how we allow people to treat us.
Specifically, she states “we teach people how to treat us.” Which is a very fair statement.
Many people in our lives have the belief that our Boundaries are selfish, likely in those cases, it’s the people who are on the their side of those, said Boundaries.

Boundaries are put in place to create protection and safety. They are a practise of self love and self care. We talked a lot about them from this angle, with the same belief that they are very crucial to our survival in life and that maybe they become easier to create in our lives once becoming a parent. As we’re known to have an innate ability and drive to always want to protect our children; we’ll do whatever it takes to do so!

It was a topic that challenged our current mindset and also one that forced us to reflect upon unpleasant relationships or previous traumas. The conversations were deep, supportive and brought out a lot of love and care from one Mama to another.

Hope you can join us next month!


Connect with other Moms

Community and connection; the foundation that parenting was really built on.

As parents, we crave that connection early on. I mean...there's only so much small talk that you can make with an infant, and singing the same songs over and over. Once our partner is home, we bombard them with every adult word in our brain.

But why can't we bring ourselves to real time...with other moms?


I suppose it's the fear of judgment, but really...we are all in the same boat just trying to survive, so why aren't we connecting more?

This month, connect. If you see a mom struggling in the grocery store with her toddler in tow, or go to a drop-in play group and see someone looking equally as scared as you....connect.

Connect. Share. Grow together and create a sense of community.

We are all just trying to survive this game of parenting!

Savor the Slow Moments

Happy New Year!!

This month, we are encouraging parents to slow down and savor those moments of being still.


It's not just about creating a few moments of quiet here and there, but really sitting in them and maybe even getting a little uncomfortable.

I mean, who really likes the quiet? It's awkward. Our minds tends to race and the what ifs? start filtering in. It's uncomfortable.

But it can also be really sweet.

It means there are no words that need to be exchanged. It means that you can just sit, and just be.

So savor that.

Slow down and really dig into those moments of going a bit slower. Especially after the holidays.

Turn the lights down low. Put the diffuser on high. Maybe even play some music or the sound of waves.



And savor those moments



Remember the Moments

Oh the absolute favourite time of the year!

It's so easy to get lost in the season. From attending countless gatherings to sneaking gifts away for your kids and hoping they don't find your secret stash of candy. And then hosting gatherings or maybe traveling out of town!


When things move fast and life gets busy, it's easy to get overwhelmed. It's easy for things like panic and anxiety to take hold, and when the stress is already high at the holidays, things can spiral out of control really quickly.

Here are some tips for dealing with stress around the holidays:

  1. Find some quiet - just five minutes away with the lights turned off and your hand over your heart. Breathe in and out slowly, for about 10 breaths.
  2. Get to water - whether you're fortunate enough to be around a beach, or you can simply take a bath, there is a tonne of merit to having a healing bath!
  3. Indulge! It's ok to sneak away and hide from the kids with a treat now and then!
  4. Set time limits - set time limits when you are going to family gatherings. Families, while awesome, can be massive triggers for postpartum mental health concerns. Put structure around your visits and set a time limit. Then you'll know what to expect and there will be no surprises!
  5. Hit the gym! It's true that exercise releases happy endorphins and it's a great way to let stress out!

And when in total doubt, give us a call. We are always happy to meet for coffee and give you a sounding board!

When In Doubt

Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed by the demands of parenting and being an entrepreneur, I like to retreat a little. And not in a way where isolation and depression creep in, but in a really mindful way where solitude and silence become moments of reflection and clarity.


I think back to the first 6 months postpartum after I had Owen. Everything was a blur, I was sleep deprived, my postpartum depression was awful....I didn't feel like myself at all.

But in those moments of silence when I could sit quietly with myself, I did.

I was me again.

And I didn't feel isolated at all. In fact, I was pretty great company!

And to be honest, that's when Sweet Stella's started. In a moment of quiet, sitting quietly by myself, in the thick of my depression and anxiety and rage. Something just for me that I could pour my heart in to.

Try it. You never know where it might take you!

You Deserve Love

As mothers we give so freely of ourselves

Our time

Our space

Our hearts

Our Love


What if you gave to yourself the love that you so freely give to everyone else? What if you put your own heart first and filled it up, before giving so freely?

What if you looked in the mirror and said I deserve the love I so freely give to others?

Because the truth do.

You deserve the love that you freely give to others. Period. End of Story.

There's really no other option. If we turn oursevles off from love, and completely empty ourselves of it...what's left at the end of the day? Make sure to refill you own tank first, because you are so deserving of that love.

The Best, by far, Is You

Do you ever have those moments where you stand slightly in awe of the little human beings that you've created?


Motherhood certainly has its full share of ups and downs. One moment your children are praising you for your mad parenting skills, and the next moment you're not entirely sure they are human.

But then there are the quiet moments when you are snuggled up for bed or watching a movie, and you look down to see their fingers curled around yours. Or the moments when they are sweetly playing on their own, with no fear and completely just enjoying the moment.

The moments that make you catch your breath a little and your heart skip a beat.

Where you realize that by far, the best thing your hands have ever held is....them.

Those are the moments of triumph in motherhood. Hold them close!



Why I Care More About Your Brain Than Your Boobs

Hey Mamas! Today I wanted to talk about something and be super real with you about a sometimes controversial topic: breastfeeding.

The main thing that has been on my mind lately is how many moms we see go through a tough labour and birth, and immediately the focus is on breastfeeding. All too often do I hear let's get baby to breast while mom is delivering a placenta and sometimes a bit groggy from birth.

For some women, that works incredibly well and is exactly what they want. For others, it is an overwhelming thought and can cause a huge amount of mental spiraling to happen. Add in hormones that are out of whack due to a steep drop in estrogen, spike in adrenaline, flowing prolactin (sometimes)....

I care more about your brain than your boobs


Don't get me wrong, I care about your boobs too and supporting your efforts in breastfeeding is crazy important to us, but we care so so so much more about your mental health and helping you adjust to the demands of parenting and supporting you through transitions like sleep deprivation, mom guilt, relationship struggles, and self care routines.

And I care about your brain because if your brain isn't in it, your boobs aren't going to work.

Your mental health as a parent is instrumental to how you will function as a parent. And I say this as a mom who's mental health was not working after her first birth experience, and it deeply damaged my relationship with breastfeeding, my body, my spouse, and my baby.

If your brain isn't working...if something is happening that is preventing you from processing your birth experience, from taking care of your own needs, from interacting with your baby or your spouse....your boobs aren't going to work.

Making sure that your mental health is supported, that you have a nurturing and comforting person to go to that you can trust and unload things to, that you feel confident and wonderful in your role as a parent...that's what we care about.

Your boobs are great, hell...they're glorious and can do amazing things. But your brain...your brain is incredible and we want to make sure it is strong, balanced, grounded and able to function so the rest of your body follows suit.



No Apologies Necessary

Our conversations about the kind of parents we wanted to be often consisted of us using the word flexible. We shared a mutual understanding that just because we were parents, didn’t mean we were going to stop doing things – within reason, of course. We were looking to establish a routine that was, dare I say it…flexible.

As a Registered Early Childhood Educator (and now Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula), I know how important sleep is, each age/stage requires a certain amount of sleep and naps are essential if you want children to be more successful in sleeping through the night. I am well aware of all this, educated and fairly experienced – I think.


Our first babe created her own schedule and it took her some time before she began sleeping 7pm-7am each night; but now at 2.5 years old she sleeps through the night and is pretty flexible in terms of her day to day routine. Last Fall she began taking part in classes that would make her late getting to bed, but she adapted and we’ve had no issues.

But now we’re parents of TWO. Our second babe has completely thrown us for a loop (which everyone says happens). She came home from the hospital waking only once or twice through the night – then she hit sleep regressions, milestones, teething and sometimes, quite frankly – we’ve just had a busy day and now she’s waking more through the night.
So, we began slowing down. We drew our attention back to her cues, focused more on what she was needing. Oppose to assuming she could keep up with our previously established routines. We also reached out to Sleep Consultant – Lindsey Smith.
Our babe is now 9months old and we are facing the reality that we are not at a stage to be a flexible family.

And guess what? I’m not going to apologize for that.

We’re a newly family of four, functioning with two different sleeping schedules, we do what we have to do! This may mean we can’t fly by the seat of our pants, we’re unable to stay late at family functions and we’re certainly unable to appease every single person in our lives.
Again, ain’t nobody got time to apologize for that! It’s unnecessary!
This Mama now does her grocery shopping online, it’s a quick and easy pick up! We’ve now become even more appreciative of those friends who drop what they’re doing to bring us Advil, when we have one babe with a fever and another one sound asleep. Or the family members who add a few of our errands to their list so we can insure the babes are fitting in both naps in their own beds. It’s a beautiful thing when you’re able to create this supportive village who understands your family comes first; and that you may (for the time being), not be very flexible.

Please do not forget, we’re never alone through these experiences. We all have our struggles. Just know – we don’t have to struggle through them alone. We’re here for you!


  • Amanda

Why We Can't Live Without Our Snuggle Me Organic

As I was nearing the end of my second pregnancy, I was doing a lot of research into products such as baby nests and the Dockatot, they all seemed so unattainable as they were crazy expensive and I never truly fell in love with anything but the prints some companies had to offer.

My daughter was born and I still had nothing aside from a swing to use while I ran to the washroom, made something to eat or while trying to divide my attention between my new born and my toddler. Sharing my struggle amongst my girlfriends, one of them suggested I look into the Snuggle Me.

Here is what I discovered;
The Snuggle me was created by a Mom (of seven) and her mother-in-law, about eleven years ago when she experienced an overwhelming sense of guilt that there never seemed to be enough of her and she had little to no help.
She states, “I needed someone to just come in and hold a baby for me. That was it. Someone who could relieve this sense of guilt I felt when I had to lay these babies down.” – Mia Carr
With that, these Moms went to work to create a sensory lounger that could snuggle babies when Moms just simply need a moment.

Here it was, The Snuggle Me. I hadn’t even purchased the product, but I fell so deeply for this family, the love and the passion this Mom had behind creating a product that gave the support to a child that every Mom longs for.


Our family purchased a Snuggle Me Organic, which is made in the USA. It was to be a Christmas present for our daughter, but let’s be honest… it was truly a gift for all of us.
We instantly fell in love with the softness, the ease it brought to washing and keeping it clean; but most importantly the sense of security and calmness it brought to her while she laid snuggled inside. It is something that is also so easy to travel with. We began napping her throughout the day in the Snuggle Me. It fit perfectly inside her bassinet and while we jumped into the hustle and bustle of the holidays, no matter where we went she had a little piece of home that brought the comfort she need to drift off to sleep while celebrations occurred all around her.

Our little love is just over eight months old now, sleeping in her crib, but still within the Snuggle Me. This was another huge bonus to this product, children tend to not outgrow it. The design allows them to be snuggled securely around their torso (like they're being held), while their legs eventually stretch out and hang over. Even our preschooler sneaks in from time to time to take a rest, it is just that cozy.


We certainly all have our products as Moms, which we cannot live and/or survive without. I’d have to say this is definitely mine, being a Mom of two. Which is why it has been so important for me to share with you all AND why it was of utmost important for me to reach out to this fellow Mama and ask for a Snuggle Me that we could use with our clients. Many families would prefer not to drop money on products they’re unsure they or their children may not enjoy, so we’re here to help with that; supporting you however we can.

Have any questions?
Don’t hesitate to reach out,
Want to look into this particular product yourself, check out snuggle_me_organic on Instagram, our their website at

You Are Exactly The Mother Your Children Need

On the off chance that you are doubting yourself lately....


A good friend once told me that when she was angry or upset or simply feeling overwhelmed and doubting herself as a parent, she will take a look at her children when they are sleeping.

It's so easy to doubt ourselves as parents these days.

Are we doing enough?

Teaching enough?

Spending enough quality time with them?

Feeding them well?

Setting a good enough example?

The truth is, every single parent on the planet worries about these things and the mere fact that we worry means that we are good parents. It means that we care about the little people are we raising.

It means that we are exactly the mothers that our children need.



What Goes into an Overnight Package, and Why?

So you want to engage in some Overnight Doula Care, but you're not entirely sure how to proceed. Well, it all begins with a conversation to assess your needs!


We start our overnight care with a free consultation where I am able to obtain a clear picture of what your family’s needs are going to be and how I can make this a positive experience. The next step is to doing some nighttime planning! This is where we will talk about sleep routines, bed time, feedings etc. Setting up a schedule is next on the agenda. As an overnight care client, you have continuous support via text and phone from me for the duration of our time together. You would also have access to the Client PDF handbook, checklists and referral on our Sweet Stella's website. Your doula will listen to any concerns you may have, answer any questions and develop a plan to help you lighten the load.

I often put self-care packages together for my clients to help them get in to a routine of taking care of themselves. These packages, specifically for overnight care, can include eye mask, ear plugs, Essential Oils Lavender Roller Balm, Bath Bombs or Shower Melts, Sleepy Tea, and Sleepy Lotion. I make these packages with items from Local Vendors who value Self Care just as much as I do. I choose items specifically based on my individual clients, and no care package is ever the same!

I find putting these special care packages together, regardless of the reason, to be so important. I always want my clients to know and feel important, valued, cared for. Our parents’ take so much time caring for their littles’, it’s my job to take care of everyone!

A significant amount of time goes in to overnight care, as your Doula will meal prep, do some light housekeeping, and baby care, including bottle preparation and sterilization, all while you get a peaceful nights rest. That means, you indulge in a full night of sleep (ear plugs in and dreamy music on), while your baby is tended to. If there are overnight feeds or changes that need to happen, I tend to that. If baby is going through teething or growth spurts and is particularly fussy, I tend to that. Your doula is there to tend to every need baby has while you take care of yourself



Rest Peacefully and Be Still

Whether you are a brand new mom, or you have kids who are moving out of the house and are off to college, university or the next phase of life....this month we encourage you to take a few moments to rest peacefully and be still.


It can be hard to find these moments, and sometimes actually taking them for ourselves feels selfish. But here's a secret (that's maybe not so secret)'s not selfish at all.

Personally, I like to take the 15-25minutes between my kids bedtime for myself. I get the little one to bed, and then sometimes just go and sit in my office. If I'm really lucky, I might even sneak into bed with the iPad and watch a show for a half an hour...uninterrupted and in silence. Sure, I'll get a text from my husband wondering where I am or what I'm doing...but it can wait.

In that moment, I need to rest peacefully and be still.

I need that moment of silence and peace to decompress after a long day. I need that moment of stillness to reset my brain and breathe.

And that is perfectly ok.

So the next time you're feeling a bit overwhelmed, take a few moments to rest and be still.



How an Overnight Doula Set You Up for a Positive Day

It's so much more than making sure you get a full night of sleep! Your overnight doula is in constant contact with you throughout the day to ensure you are having a positive day, and to help you navigate the points of the day that aren't so awesome. But how do we do that?


After getting a full night of uninterrupted sleep, parents wake up to fresh coffee, breakfast and a well-rested baby. Your overnight doula helps around the house with some light housekeeping, to help get you caught up on those daily chores that can easily get pushed to the side.

I often see parents struggle with anxiety, frustration and depression that can be caused by sleep deprivation. Parents can be very emotional, irritable and tired. Any feelings that develop due to lack of sleep can be so exhausting on the entire family, putting extra strain on those relationships. Overnight care can help alleviate the stress by taking away the responsibilities of parenthood as there is someone there specifically to take that role on and allow you to take care of you. We take the baby monitor out of your room and allow you to have a full night of rest.

We all know how important eating a well-balanced healthy diet is to our mental well-being. Making a healthy and yummy breakfast for my clients each morning gets everyone started with a full belly and ready to take on the day. Coffee and tea are also made fresh for you to enjoy!

I like to prepare delicious and healthy breakfasts each morning that are quick and easy to prepare. Some of my favorite recipes are Brown Sugar Oatmeal Stuffed Apples, Pancakes and 5 minute Quiche Cups. I come prepared with a book of recipes that I have collected over the years and make breakfast based on what is available in the kitchen. Families are able to make special requests that can usually be accommodated.



The Only Way Out Is Through

Sometimes motherhood means breaking down the walls that we put up, and allow society to put up, around us.

Sometimes it means breaking through, pushing past our limitations and finding out who we are now that we are parents.


We've spent a great deal of time talking to our clients lately about expectations and limitations. And the one thing that we always come back to is validating how you are feeling, when you are feeling it, and breaking down the walls that surround you.

Truly, the only way out is through and we will be damned if we let others put us into a box.

Mom your own way.

Care your own path.

Live by your own rules.

And know that you are loved.



What Does Overnight Care Look Like?

We often hear from parents that they are interested in Overnight Doula Care, but wonder what exactly an 8 hour shift looks like.

Typically an overnight shift is 8 hours, and begins around 10 or 11pm. When I arrive at a family’s house, I get an update on the day and identify any concerns that may be helpful for me to know as I begin a night of caring for your baby. Once that is done, I take the reins with baby and send the parents off to bed for a good nights’ sleep.

2017 Blog graphics.png

Once everyone is off to bed, I get coffee ready for the morning, and do some breakfast preparation. I am often throwing in some laundry and if there are dishes in the sink, you can rest assured I will get them done for you! I will then settle in close to baby so that I may tend to any of babes needs throughout the night. In the case of a bottle fed babe, I prepare bottles, including sterilization and preparing formula. Throughout the night, I tend to all of babes needs such as diaper changes and feedings. When a momma is nursing, I will bring the baby in to mom when baby wakes for her to feed and then I take baby back, once again, tending to all other needs.

As an overnight doula, I am completely supportive of whatever type of feeding, sleeping, bedtime and diaper routine parents have established. My job is to come in and keep everything the same as what is done when I am not there. This helps to reduce any anxiety or stress the baby may feel being around someone who is not a parent. During our time together, if a family has identified anything that they are requiring help with, I will work with the family to work through whatever might be happening and make suggestions where I can. Most of my experience with overnight care has been with sleep training.

In the morning, parents wake up to freshly made coffee and breakfast. Parents are also encouraged to make special breakfast requests! I come prepared with a book of recipes that I have collected over the years and make breakfast based on what is available in the kitchen. Before leaving, I give an update of the night and see myself out, wishing you a great day.



Caution? Meet Wind

Can you feel it? Summer is so-incredibly-close. The warmth of the sun is returning, the flowers are raising their sleepy heads and soon it will be time to throw caution to the wind.


How, right here and in this moment, can you throw caution to the wind? At the yoga studio, we often talk of maven energy a being those moments where you are carefree, liberated and a little bit reckless.

Those moments where you sing in the car to your very favourite songs (much to the embarrassment of your children who are in the back seat), or where you strut your beautiful mom-bod to the pool and order up a daiquiri on vacation so you can enjoy it on a lounger, or even when you run out into the rain to jump into puddles with your kids.

Caution? Meet wind.

This month, throw caution to the wind. Let down your guard, get a wee bit vulnerable and have fun for the sake of having fun.