Placenta Encapsulation - starting at $275

An incredible alternative health option to boost a positive postpartum recovery! After careful inspection and trimming, your placenta is processed by our qualified and knowledgeable placenta specialist, Janice.

Placenta Encapsulation Services include:

  • Placenta Capsules
  • Customized Dosage Plan
  • Cord Keepsake
  • Postpartum Follow-up
  • Doula Support in your home while your placenta is being prepared and processed

The process begins with a complimentary 30 minute consultation either in your home or over the phone.

Your placenta is processed in the comfort of your home, with extensive knowledge of bloodborne pathogens per additional training taken by Janice.

Add On services:

Placenta Smoothie $15 – a 16oz smoothie made from fresh ingredients such as berries, fruit, milk (or milk substitute), and greens. Added to the smoothie is placenta powder to assist with iron depletion, milk supply, hormonal balance and more!

Tincture $20 – an 8oz tincture of preserved placenta in 100 proof alcohol. With a long shelf life, the tincture is effective for menstruation postpartum, and even menopause!

Salve $18 – a 4oz soothing salve created from coconut and sweet almond oils, with added herbs and placenta powder. Healing, soothing, and an incredible element of self care.

Keepsake Print $25 – a beautiful 8”x10” print of your placenta,using food grade dyes, on watercolour paper and preserved with archival sealer to prevent fading.

Additional Postpartum Support $30/hour – add the benefit of a knowledgeable postpartum doula to your care by increasing the number of home visits!

birthPrep (Childbirth Education) - $145 per couple

Designed for the modern parent who is looking for a comprehensive childbirth education class that will take them through what to expect during labour, how to prepare for birth and what to expect in the immediate postpartum.

The birthPrep course includes a digital 45 page manual that teaches:

  • Positions for Labour and Birth
  • Comfort Measures
  • Birth Wishes and Options
  • Hospital Postpartum Preferences
  • Home Postpartum Preferences
  • Self Care Planning
  • and more!

Private in-home sessions are offered, as are small group sessions. Each class is approximately 3 hours.


Aquaborn Birth Pool Rental - $110 with purchase of Doula Services | $215 for pool rental only

Planning a home water birth? Our Aquaborn Birth Pool Rental kit comes complete with the birth pool, heat retaining lid, single use unfitted liner, single use drinking water hose  and electric inflate/deflate pump with extra batteries. Delivered to your home at approximately 36-37 weeks, your rental includes use of the pool for labour and birth, and pickup within two days of your birth.

The Aquaborn Birth Pool kit is stored and sanitized in accordance with guidelines from the Middlesex London Health Unit and Public Health Ontario.

* please note the birth pool kits do not come with a mesh net or submersible pump to remove water. As always, please discuss the risks and benefits of waterbirth with your health care provider.

Cloth Diapering Solutions - $75

With extensive knowledge of a variety of cloth diaper brands such as Smart Bottoms and Applecheeks, Janice Tadgell is well equipped to help answer your questions and build a cloth diaper system that works for you and your family.

From how to clean your cloth diapers to how many you need and what kind is best for overnight, Janice is here to help guide you in making the best decision for your family!

Sleep Solution Services - starting at $75

Our Sleep Solution Counselors, Kerri Dowling and Lindsey Smith, have taken additional training in infant sleep routines, milestones and development to be able to provide excellent care and support to families during times of change.

After a brief consultation about your challenges with infant sleep and routines, your initial 1.5 hour appointment will take place in your home, where you can openly discuss your routines and lifestyle, as well as your goals for restful sleep for the whole family. A customized plan will be developed, and consistent communication will be offered to provide further support.

Additional hours of in home, Skype or telephone support are available a la carte.

Lactation Counsellor Services - starting at $75

Our Lactation Counsellors, Lindsey Smith and Janice Tadgell, have taken additional studies through Medela University, Babies Naturally and HOAG Health Center to ensure compassionate support to you for all of your breastfeeding concerns.

After a brief consultation for you to express your needs, your initial 90 minute appointment takes place in the comfort of your home, where your breastfeeding routine and environment will be assessed and your concerns will be addressed.

Common concerns that a Lactation Counsellor can assist with are:

  • latch issues
  • oversupply
  • undersupply
  • pumping
  • routines
  • comfort and environment
  • breast to bottle transitions

All appointments are tailored specifically to your needs.

Additional hours of in home, Skype or telephone support are available a la carte.

Birth or Postpartum Planning Session - $75

Whether you need help understanding what your options are for birth, or need help setting up systems for a positive postpartum recovery, we are here for you!

Our team of doulas are trained to help you navigate these options, discuss any fears or anxieties that you may be having about your pending birth, and encourage you to be an active participant in your care. At the end of your session, you will receive a copy of your Birth Planning Sheets, and the confidence in your choices and preferences so that you can advocate for you and your baby.

At your Postpartum Planning Session, we will spend time discussing your feelings about the immediate postpartum following birth, as well as your transition to parenthood, both as individuals and partners. At the end of your session, you will receive a copy of your Postpartum Planning Sheets and the knowledge and support necessary to confidently transition from birth to postpartum. Each session is approximately 1 to 1.5 hours.

Babywearing Solutions- $75

Babywearing can be a lifesaver in the first year or so postpartum, but where do you start? How do you know what carrier is right for you? Janice Tadgell has a plethora of knowledge and experience with babywearing, and our team has developed an extensive library of carriers to help assist your needs!

After a consultation to assess your needs, your initial babywearing appointment will take place in the comfort of your own home, where Janice brings a variety of carriers to you to test!

Additional hours of in home, Skype or telephone support are available a la carte.


Postpartum doula services are also available a la carte at $30 per hour.



Custom packages are available upon request.

From Our Clients

I am finding it (private guided meditation) helps me stay calmer than I would be able to before I began learning. I know I have a long way to go, though. But thank you. I think this is really going to become a lifelong thing for me.
— Ashley
We had our appointment this evening
and it was fantastic - she was so helpful and encouraging and great at
listening to all of my questions and concerns and making sure I was fully
aware of many different options!! I’m so happy I found your business; it’s
given me so many more resources and options!
— Shelby